The Village at the Keystone Resort
Colorado Software Summit
Java and XML Programming Conference
October 26 – 31, 2003
Keystone Conference Center

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We will be adding presentations from Colorado Software Summit 2003 periodically; please check back here from time to time to get the newest additions.

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Speaker Topic
Ashley Jr., Gary
3rd Millennium Visions, Inc.
Struts Controller in Action
Struts View Assembly and Validation
Basham, Bryan
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
JavaServer Pages and the Expression Language
What's New in the Servlet and JSP™ Specifications
Bergman, Noel
DevTech, Inc.
Advanced Topics for the Tomcat Servlet/JSP Reference Implementation
Brown, Mike
IBM Linux Integration Center, Austin
Introduction to Grid Computing with the Globus Toolkit Version 3
Java Development and Grid Computing with the Globus Toolkit Version 3
Dudney, Bill
Object Systems Group
AntiPatterns Using Select Jakarta Projects
J2EE AntiPatterns
Giangarra, Paul
IBM Corporation
So, What Can I Do with Grid Technologies?
Gillard, dIon
Multitask Consulting Pty. Ltd.
Building Applications with Apache Maven
Jelly: Executable XML
Graham, Neil
IBM Toronto Lab
A Detailed Introduction to Parsing and Processing XML Documents with Java™ Technology, Part 1
A Detailed Introduction to Parsing and Processing XML Documents with Java™ Technology, Part 2
Haggar, Peter
IBM Corporation, RTP
Advanced Java Multi-threading Techniques
Web Services and Mobile Devices
Hatzidakis, Denise
Perficient, Inc.
SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, JAX/RPC, WSIF, JSR109, WS-Security, BPEL4WS == Web Services
The Web Services Programming Model — JAX/RPC and JSR 109
Jennery, Kimberly
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Introduction to Enterprise JavaBeans
Multi-Threaded Concurrency in Java
Johnsson, Dan
Frobozz AB, Sweden
J2EE Security Model
State Is Not Evil
Jordan, David
Object Identity, Inc.
An Introduction to Java Data Objects (JDO)
Using RUBiS to Compare JDO with JDBC and Entity Beans
Landers, Dave
BEA Systems, Inc.
Portlets (JSR-168)
What's New in J2EE 1.4
Lawrence, Kelvin
IBM Corporation
Making Web Services Secure: An Introduction
Web Services Advanced Topics: Beyond SOAP, WSDL and UDDI
Micklea, Brad
Quest Software
Measuring J2EE Application Performance in Production
Moskowitz, David
Productivity Solutions, Inc.
J2ME Case Study
Patterns Are for More than Code: Building a Real-life Web Service Application
Nash, Simon
Developing Interoperable Web Services for the Enterprise
A Metadata Facility for Java
Opstvedt, Hermod
Den norske Bank, Norway
From EJB 1.0 to EJB 2.0 – A Migration Project
Tiles: Creating a Highly Flexible Dynamic Website
Osbourn, James
RiverPoint Group
Advanced Features in Java Applications for Mobile Information Devices
Writing Java Applications for Mobile Information Devices
Phipps, Simon
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Keynote: The Economics of Open Source
Reinhold, Mark
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
How to Write a Scalable Server
Taming the Tiger: The Java™ 2 Platform, Standard Edition, Release 1.5
Ricca, Bonnie B.
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
JAXP: Beyond XML Processing
XSLT 2.0: Not Your Mother's XSLT
Roberts, Simon
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Introduction to Programming with Jini
Java VM Internals and Performance Optimization
Robie, Jonathan
DataDirect Technologies
Java, Databases, and XML Query Languages
Querying XML with XQuery
Smith, Donald
Oracle Corporation
From JAX to Database
Persisting Java
Soyring, John
IBM Corporation, Austin
Conference-Opening Keynote Presentation
Stelting, Stephen
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
About JavaServer™ Faces (a.k.a. Making Faces)
Managing Mid-Term Persistence in J2EE Applications
Tremblett, Paul
AudioAudit, Inc.
Java Cryptography - Dealing With Practical Issues
Localising and Customising JavaServer Pages

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