The Village at the Keystone Resort
Colorado Software Summit
Java and XML Programming Conference
October 26 – 31, 2003
Keystone Conference Center


Gary Ashley Jr. – 3rd Millennium Visions, Inc.

Struts Controller in Action

In this session, we will review Struts 1.1 configuration, request processing details, and some new features by using examples and reviewing snippets from the Struts source code. We will discuss Digester and how it relates to loading the Struts XML configuration, and ways to provide a custom configuration. There will be discussion of the pros and cons of using a pluggable RequestProcessor, multiple modules configurations, and general purpose plug-ins. Some real world experience implementing Struts 1.1 will be discussed to help developers determine best practices when using Struts 1.1.

Struts View Assembly and Validation

In this session, we will cover Struts 1.1 topics that relate to building view components and performing client side validation. Strategies for providing internationalized messages for basic Web content, internal and external error messages, and validation messages will be included. Real world strategies of providing commonly required Web page functionality like drop down menus, checkbox groups, and hyperlinks will be included. Coverage of successful use of the newly integrated Tiles component will be provided. Some real world experience implementing Struts 1.1 will be discussed to help developers determine best practices when using Struts 1.1.

Picture of Gary Ashley

Gary Ashley Jr. received his start in IT while serving in the United States Marine Corps. Over the past five years, he has been building web applications working for companies such as Sprint, Honeywell, and various state governments. Gary has become an advocate of Apache style license and open source java frameworks. Among his favorite frameworks are Struts, JBoss, JUnit, Digester and Ant. He makes heavy use of Eclipse and Mysql as well.

In 2001, Gary started 3rd Millennium Visions, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in web application development. 3MV partners with small and mid-size IT departments helping them to substantially cut recurring licensing costs by embracing these new open source technologies. 3MV specializes in mentoring staff to increase their skills in these technologies, while building real world web applications. This type of partnership leaves 3MV's customers with the skills required to maintain their systems, and the infrastructure to build future systems.

Gary attributes his success to a strong passion and work ethic, many fabulous books written by the experts, and the loving support of his children and his wife Cindy. While he is not helping his customers, digging through open source code, or scouring the Internet for information, he is coaching soccer or reading with his kids. His favorite pastime is reading fantasy novels to his three children, ages 10, 9, and 5. It is an almost nightly ritual that began in the summer of 2001 with The Hobbit. It has continued with the complete The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the nearly 12 of 14 novels surrounding his children's favorite character, Drizzt Do'Urden, written by R. A. Salvatore.

Having attended the Colorado Software Summit for the last three years, Gary is looking forward to the honor of sharing his experiences with his peers.


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