The Village at the Keystone Resort
Colorado Software Summit
Java and XML Programming Conference
October 26 – 31, 2003
Keystone Conference Center


Noel Bergman – DevTech, Inc.


JNDI is becoming more and more commonly used. One reason for the growth of JNDI is its role in J2EE applications as the general mechanism for exposing resources. Want to provide a shared JDBC DataSource to your Web application components? Shared configuration elements? Other resources? This session will cover JNDI, and explain its role as a general purpose Naming and Directory service. You will learn how to expose and access resources via JNDI, ranging from environment configuration to the World Wide Web, itself.

Advanced Topics for the Tomcat Servlet/JSP Reference Implementation

This session will delve into advanced topics related to Tomcat. Tomcat is the servlet container that is used in the official Reference Implementation for the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies. The purpose for this session is to go beyond the usual basics and cover more advanced topics to help developers deliver better performing, more reliable and more functional Web applications.

Topics covered will include techniques related to sessions that survive server reboots, understanding and using the various Listener interfaces, handling HTTP 304 responses for JSP pages and dynamic content to reduce bandwidth and increase responsiveness, use of JNDI resources, Web server integration, and more. Attendees should have basic familiarity with the Servlet and JSP specifications.

Picture of Noel Bergman

Noel Bergman is one of Colorado Software Summit's All-Timers, having participated in all of the Colorado Software Summit Conferences (and its predecessor, the ColoradOS/2 Conferences), and has consistently received high marks as a favored speaker. Noel's background in object-oriented programming spans more than 20 years, including participation on the original CORBA and Common Object Services Task Forces.

Currently, Noel is involved in varied projects, ranging from interactive community web sites, to e-commerce web sites for small businesses, to corporate intranet portals. He also writes for IBM's Java Zone on topics from server-side technologies to programming handheld devices. Noel's presentations for CSS 2003 are intended to introduce new technologies to attendees, and bring them up to speed. The goal is to enable attendees to immediately begin to use such technologies in their own projects.

Noel has recently been elected a Member of the Apache Software Foundation, in recognition of his work on James, the Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server.



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