The Village at the Keystone Resort
Colorado Software Summit
Java and XML Programming Conference
October 26 – 31, 2003
Keystone Conference Center


David Jordan – Object Identity, Inc.

An Introduction to Java Data Objects (JDO)

Java Data Objects (JDO) provides direct, transparent persistence of Java object models in transactional databases. The state of Java objects are mapped automatically between the database and memory. JDO has a query language derived from Java that allows applications to express queries based on the application's object model. Applications navigate their object model using standard Java constructs, like references and collections. The JDO implementation transparently manages a cache of all objects accessed by the application. JDO implementations are already available for object and relational databases. This seminar provides an overview of this new and strategically important API. It includes a walkthrough of a small example to illustrate how objects are persisted, queried, read, modified, and deleted.

Using RUBiS to Compare JDO with JDBC and Entity Beans

The RUBiS benchmark was developed at Rice University as a means of comparing application design patterns and application server performance. A variety of application architectures were implemented for the benchmark; each using a unique combination of Java technologies, including JDBC, servlets, session beans, and entity beans. A JDO implementation of RUBiS has been developed, allowing JDO's interface, application design patterns, and performance to be compared with these J2EE technologies. David will present the JDO RUBiS implementation and provide some comparisons with JDBC and entity beans.

Picture of David Jordan

David Jordan is the founder of Object Identity, Inc., a consulting firm focused on the Java Data Objects (JDO) API. The JDO specification includes a special recognition of his contributions in defining the standard. David has been developing software with transparent object persistence technologies like JDO since 1985. He has built object models in the C++ and Java languages, persisting them in flat files, network, relational, and object databases. He has authored and edited several books on the technology:

David serves as the Moderator of the JDOcentral Web site. He served as the C++ and Java Editor of the Object Data Management Group, which defined standards for object databases. He is a former C++ Report and Java Report columnist, covering object persistence technologies.



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