The Village at the Keystone Resort
Colorado Software Summit
Java and XML Programming Conference
October 26 – 31, 2003
Keystone Conference Center


Brad Micklea – Quest Software

Measuring J2EE Application Performance in Production

When J2EE applications are moved from the lab into production, performance becomes critical. However, measuring the performance of J2EE applications is non-trivial. Unlike stand-alone Java technology applications, J2EE technology-based applications are deployed into a production environment that is quite unlike the test or lab environment. This difference, combined with a need to actively monitor and manage performance, forces performance measurement in production systems.

This session describes the common J2EE performance measurement techniques (built-in, build-your-own, free and commercial), with a focus on the impact of the technique on the system under test and in production. Real-world data on common application servers is presented. The merits and faults of each technique are discussed.

Gain a full understanding of J2EE performance measurement, and a new appreciation for the overhead imposed both by common measurement techniques and by the application servers themselves.

Picture of Brad Micklea

Brad Micklea is a System Engineer at Quest Software in Toronto, Canada. He is responsible for teaching the JProbe Performance Tuning course as well as providing mentoring and consulting services for clients. Before working at Quest, Brad held positions with the Japanese government and Bayer Pharmaceuticals.



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