The Village at the Keystone Resort
Colorado Software Summit
Java and XML Programming Conference
October 26 – 31, 2003
Keystone Conference Center


David Moskowitz – Productivity Solutions, Inc.

J2ME Case Study

In this session, David describes part of a real-world project that started with a vision, a vision that Web Services could be extended to provide information-focused tools and simultaneously expand the reach of Business Intelligence (BI). The goal for the implementation was simple: Make information available everywhere, anytime.

The initial pilot started with sales people and provided sales automation that included BI on wireless PDAs (phase 2 will add sales support personnel and others). The application will include Java enabled phones (and other devices), as the installed base of suitable devices grows. The application is implemented as n-tier:

  • The user interface on the mobile device (client tier) is provided by a MIDP application (or MIDlet).
  • The MIDlet talks to a servlet in the Web tier to access the business logic tier.
  • The servlet also supports seamless access to the database tier through the JDBC API.

The major topics that David will cover include: J2ME; building thin clients; security; the economic justification; and the extraordinary results. If you're even remotely thinking about building mobile applications that integrate with Web services, do not miss this session.

Patterns Are for More than Code: Building a Real-life Web Service Application

Web services are the true integration technology behind B2B, B2E and B2C transactions. Web services is also the key to improving business processes via internal application integration. Properly implemented, Web services reduce costs and improve the bottom line.

To build a Web service, you must start with a clear, unambiguous understanding of the business goals, the objective for the resulting service, and how the service and client interact (in this context, "client" is not synonymous with "person").

In this session, David examines Web services from the perspective of the interaction between business goals, service/client, and the resulting functionality. He describes the key development issues you must consider and then illustrates how these considerations drive design and implementation.

This presentation is a companion to the J2ME Case Study; both presentations are drawn from the same real-world project. The contents of this presentation examine the server-side issues that are relevant to anyone building Web services. David will examine developer patterns that tie developer effort to bottom line results and customer/end-user satisfaction.

Picture of David Moskowitz

David Moskowitz is a Principal Consultant at Productivity Solutions, Inc., a Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania-based consulting firm that helps its clients thrive in an eBusiness economy. He has mentored many successful Java projects and has worked with the language since the first Beta in 1995. He is currently serving as the architect for a project that is re-engineering multiple applications developed in different departments into customer-driven services with the information presented anyplace, anytime, everywhere. David has been a speaker at every Colorado Software Summit and his sessions are always well rated and attended.



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