The Village at the Keystone Resort
Colorado Software Summit
Java and XML Programming Conference
October 26 – 31, 2003
Keystone Conference Center


James Osbourn – RiverPoint Group

Writing Java Applications for Mobile Information Devices

If you have been watching the popularity of PDAs and mobile phones, then you know that there is convergence of "on the move" data devices and voice handsets. This exciting arena of new platform development calls for new applications in areas such as gaming, contact management, e-mail and short message services, and much more.

This introductory session will take a walking tour of Mobile Information Device Profile 2.0 (MIDP) and the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC), which form the runtime environment for phones and entry-level PDAs. We will implement an application using the J2ME Wireless Toolkit and look in detail at the MIDlet class and how to use it.

By the end of the session, you will be prepared to start writing your own mobile applications in Java.

Advanced Features in Java Applications for Mobile Information Devices

Once you have started to write basic MID Profile applications, you will want to explore and understand the latest exciting features of MIDP Version 2.0, such as secure networking, playing audio, gaming, Push Registry, and more. This advanced session will provide source code examples of the MIDP 2.0 APIs and a feature-by-feature examination of the J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.0 and all of the newest enhancements. By the end of the session, you will be prepared to start using the full features of J2ME WTK and its support of MIDP 2.0.

Picture of James Osbourn

James Osbourn is an IT Strategy Consultant with the RiverPoint Group in Kansas City. He has worked as a developer and system architect for 15 years, primarily in financial services, investment management, and telecommunications sectors. He is currently engaged with Sprint's newly-established Enterprise Web Solutions team, advising management on its IT Governance model and software development process improvements.



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