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October 26 – 31, 2003
Keystone Conference Center


Donald Smith – Oracle Corporation

Persisting Java

Persisting Java objects and Entity Beans is the most underestimated challenge in enterprise Java today. Java architects often blindly assume that "the app server will take care of this," without any regard for what persistence features or degree of flexibility are provided by the app server. During development, Java developers and DBAs frequently clash over how Java models are to be mapped onto the relational schemas, and how the database is to be accessed.

Persistence is more than Entity Beans. Developers are choosing to create their Java business model with POJOs (Plain Ol' Java Objects) at which point a persistence layer – home grown, open source or commercial – is required beyond what app server vendors provide.

In this session we will draw attention to all the aspects of a persistence layer and explain what developers require to be successful. How to do Mapping, Caching, Locking, Sequencing, Just-in-time-reading, Queries and Transactions from a Java perspective will be presented and discussed. After this session developers will know how to judge which aspects of persistence are most important to them and be able to choose between BMP, CMP and POJO (Home grown, Open source, Commercial, JDO) solutions.

From JAX to Database

There are countless demos on the Web showing how to create and consume Web Services with Java. Unfortunately, a common theme of these demos is to ignore one of the critical aspects – retrieving and storing data in a relational database.

This session will review the alphabet soup of Web Services, and provide tips, tricks, patterns and anti-patterns for how to efficiently manage relational database access from within Java Web Service producers and consumers.

Picture of Donald Smith

Donald Smith is a Technology Director at Oracle Corporation. He has been Product Manager for the industry-leading TopLink Persistence Architecture product. Donald also has extensive field experience focusing on persistence projects, including object-relational and other architectures. He brings together a decade of experience with customers and projects from around the world, from small "dot-com" through to Fortune 50 companies. Donald speaks regularly at conferences and events world wide, including Java One, Oracle World, Sun Tech Days, OOPSLA, JAOO and others.



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