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Speaker Name

Topic Title

Ashley Jr., Gary
3rd Millennium Visions, Inc.
Struts Roadmap
Building Your Own Open Source Development Environment
Bergman, Noel
DevTech, Inc.
JNDI and LDAP Part 1
JNDI and LDAP Part 2
Bray, Tim
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Is the Web Still the Place?
Cowlishaw, Mike
IBM Hursley Labs, UK
Using the Java 5.0 BigDecimal Class
Debrunner, Dan
IBM Data Management Division, San Francisco
Internals of Derby – An Open Source Pure Java Relational Database Engine
Dudney, Bill
Object Systems Group
Introduction to JSF (JavaServer Faces)
Building JSF WebApplications
Eckel, Bruce
MindView, Inc.
Understanding Threads and the New java.util.concurrent Library
Issues that Bruce currently finds interesting and thinks that you will too
Fremantle, Paul
IBM Hursley Labs, UK
Using Web Services to Access Legacy C/C++ Code from Java
Programming Models for Service Oriented Architecture
Frijters, Jeroen
Sumatra Software b.v., The Netherlands
An Introduction to .NET for the J2EE Programmer
Interoperating with .NET – Beyond Web Services
Giangarra, Paul
IBM Software Group Federal
Grid Computing, SOA, and Autonomic Computing
Practical Experiences with SOA
Graham, Neil
XML Parser Development, IBM Toronto Lab
Digging into the Web with a Tiger: Lower-level Data Manipulation with J2SE 5.0 – Part 1
Digging into the Web with a Tiger: Lower-level Data Manipulation with J2SE 5.0 – Part 2
Haggar, Peter
Mobile Web Services: A Case Study
Using Data Compression to Improve Application Server Performance
Hatzidakis, Denise
Perficient, Inc.
Web Services... Where Do You Start – SOAP, WSDL and UDDI
Web Services Integration – It’s All About Standards
Johnsson, Dan
Omegapoint AB, Sweden
Technical System Structure: Technology or Enterprise?
An Evaluation of Web Services: What are they good for? What not?
Keith, Michael
Oracle Corporation
Standards-Based Persistence through Web Services
Evolution of the EJB Entity
Laffra, Chris
IBM Ottawa Labs, Canada
Visualization and Performance Monitoring of Eclipse
The Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP): Using Eclipse for Developing Stand-alone Applications
Landers, Dave
BEA Systems Inc.
Annotated Java: Annotations in J2SE 5.0
Generic Java: Generics in J2SE 5.0
Moskowitz, David
Productivity Solutions, Inc.
Web-ifying Legacy Applications: Welcome to the 21st Century
Choices, Choices, Choices: Fat vs. Thin Clients
Nadalin, Anthony
IBM Austin
Securing Web Services
Federated Identity Management, the Real Story
Opstvedt, Hermod
Den norske Bank, Norway
Secure Web Services – How to Do It, and at What Cost
Model Driven Architecture (MDA) – A New Paradigm in Software Development
Phipps, Simon
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Keynote: Trends and Futures for Open Solutions
Rajagopal, Hari
Galileo International
Introduction to Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)
Best Practices for Developing Components for Shared Services
Reinhold, Mark
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
The Rest of Tiger
Tiger's Children
Roberts, Simon Security Foundations of Java
Principles of Distributed Architecture
Smith, Donald
Oracle Corporation
Caging the Tiger – The Impact of J2SE 5.0 on Java Persistence
Mapping Java Objects to XML and Relational Databases
Snyder, Bruce
Jailey Solutions
Best Practices with Apache Geronimo
A Peek Under the Hood of Apache Geronimo
Soyring, John
IBM Corporation
Conference Opening Keynote Presentation
Stelting, Stephen
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Exception Handling for J2EE Systems
Unit and Integration Testing: Techniques and Technologies for J2EE Applications
Tost, Andre
WebSphere Business Development
How To Develop Applications for Business Integration – Pulling J2EE, SOA and Web Services Together
Web Services Coding Tips & Tricks
Wakeling, Matthew
FlyMine Group, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge, England
Advanced Techniques for Object Warehousing
Improving Performance in Object Warehousing