Gary Ashley Jr., 3rd Millennium Visions, Inc.

Struts Roadmap

This session is meant as a roadmap for those both young and old in the Struts universe, who are curious about what Struts is and about what Struts might become. We will explore the latest Struts developments, including many powerful extensions, and discuss the current direction of the Struts community at large. Extensions we will examine may provide valuable insight in how to integrate many other frameworks like Cactus, Hibernate, Spring, and XDoclet. We'll also see how many different core technologies such as JSF, JSTL, JAAS, SSL, and others fit a broader Struts based Web application framework. In this session, you will come away with a roadmap of interesting features, extensions, and other places of interest that exist on the Web on your journey to build smarter, faster, easier to use and more secure Web applications.

Building Your Own Open Source Development Environment

In this session we will walk through the steps required to build an open source development environment. The focus of this topic will be on the steps required to download, install, and configure an open source IDE, database, and J2EE application server from scratch. Examples will be provided to show each step of the configuration required to deploy a basic .war file. In our final example we will use Eclipse to deploy an example servlet to the JBoss server running MySql as the database. We will start/stop JBoss and set a breakpoint in Eclipse using a popular JBoss plugin for Eclipse. A brief discussion of other open source solutions will be provided to familiarize the audience with other avenues worth exploring.

Picture of Gary Ashley, Jr.

Gary Ashley Jr. received his start in IT while serving in the United States Marine Corps. Over the past six years, he has been building Web applications working for companies such as Sprint, Honeywell, and various state governments. Gary is an advocate of open source technologies and Web based development communities. Among his frameworks areas of expertise are Struts, JBoss, JUnit, Digester, Eclipse, and MySql.

In 2001, Gary started 3rd Millennium Visions, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in Web application development. 3MV partnered with Computer Technology Associates (CTA) in 2001 to assist customer's IT departments by helping them build real world Web applications while mentoring staff to increase their skills in these technologies. This type of partnership leaves customers with the skills required to maintain their systems, and the infrastructure to build future systems while substantially cutting recurring licensing, training, and development costs by embracing open source, Web community based technologies.

Gary attributes his success to a strong passion and work ethic, continuous learning from all sources of information he can find, and the loving support of his children and his wife Cindy. While he is not helping his customers, digging through open source code, or scouring the Internet for information, he is coaching soccer or reading with his kids. His favorite pastime is reading fantasy novels to his three children, ages 11, 10, and 6.

Having attended the Colorado Software Summit for the last four years, Gary is looking forward to the honor of sharing his experiences with his peers and building upon the lessons he learned while speaking in 2003.

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