Noel Bergman, DevTech, Inc.

JNDI and LDAP Part 1

JNDI is commonly used as the general mechanism for exposing resources to J2EE applications. This session will go beyond this common but simple use of JNDI, and introduce you to LDAP – the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. This powerful technology unleashes the full power of the JNDI API. You will learn how to expose, access, search for, and modify information, services and other resources in LDAP using JNDI.

The session features complete working examples that you'll be able to work with immediately.

JNDI and LDAP Part 2

LDAP is an IETF-standardized core technology that you can use to integrate information across multiple enterprises, computing platforms, programming languages, and applications. We will discuss why and when to use a Directory Services model rather than a Relational Database model; look at published schema that standardize critical concepts; and examine how LDAP can be used to implement such things as centralized identity across operating systems, Web applications, mail servers, etc. We will also discuss fine-grained access control, persistent searches, and other advanced topics that highlight LDAP's advantages.

Picture of Noel Bergman

Noel Bergman is one of Colorado Software Summit's All-Timers, having participated in all of the Colorado Software Summit conferences (and their predecessors, the ColoradOS/2 conferences), and has consistently received high marks as a favored speaker. Noel's background in object-oriented programming spans close to 25 years, including participation on the original CORBA and Common Object Services Task Forces, and he enjoys sharing the knowledge and experience acquired over those years with Software Summit attendees, both in and out of the formal sessions.

Noel is a Member of the Apache Software Foundation, where he participates on various projects and the infrastructure team; helps in Community building; and recently became the Vice President responsible for the Apache Incubator project.

Noel's presentations for CSS 2004 are intended to introduce attendees to the JNDI and LDAP technologies, and bring them up to speed. The goal is to enable attendees to immediately benefit from such technologies in their own projects.


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