Dan Debrunner , IBM Corporation

Internals of Derby An Open Source Pure Java Relational Database Engine

Derby is a new incubator project at the Apache Software Foundation, and the future for IBM's Cloudscape technology. This session will start with a short introduction to Derby's functionality and then delve into the depths of Derby's internals. Topics will include the flexible module based architecture, compilation of SQL into Java byte code and exception handling. Lessons learnt from eight years of Java development will be covered, such as performance choices, incorrect decisions and maybe some correct ones!



Dan Debrunner is a Senior Technical Staff Member with IBM's Data Management division in San Francisco, California. For the past eight years he has been the architect for the Cloudscape database engine, guiding the technology from a startup company through two acquisitions to wide deployment in IBM's products and middleware. Now he is looking forward to being a participant in the Apache open source community that will drive Derby. Daniel has worked on the internals of number of additional database engines at Sybase, Illustra and Informix. Prior to coming to the United States Daniel worked for a London based Unix systems company and received a MA in Physics from the University of Oxford.

Email: debrunne@us.ibm.com (IBM) or djd@debrunners.com (Apache Derby)

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