Bill Dudney, Object Systems Group

Introduction to JSF (JavaServer Faces)

This talk will focus on building Web Applications with JSF. We will cover the server side component model, the event model, validation and conversion. In the context of introducing JSF we will go through the development of an application so that you can see the way real world applications are built and function in JSF. We will also touch on architectural aspects of JSF, specifically how to structure your application so the business logic remains separate from the user interface.

Building JSF WebApplications

This talk will focus on how to build JSF user interfaces for Web applications. Specifically we will focus on why/how to build the application so that other interfaces can interact with the same code on the back end. During the talk an example will be elaborated and the same functionality will be exposed through a Web service and a Swing UI will interact with the Web service to achieve the same business goal.

Picture of Bill Dudney

Bill Dudney is a Senior Consultant with Object Systems Group. He has been doing Java development since late 1996, after he downloaded his first copy of the JDK. Prior to OSG, Bill worked for InLine Software on the UML bridge that tied UML Models in Rational Rose and later XMI to the InLine suite of tools. Prior to getting hooked on Java he built software on NeXTStep (precursor to Apple's OSX). He has roughly 15 years of distributed software development experience, starting at NASA building software to manage the mass properties of the Space Shuttle. You can read his blog at


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