Paul Fremantle, IBM Hursley Labs, UK

Using Web Services to Access Legacy C/C++ Code from Java

This session will show how to use and expose existing C/C++ code from your Java application server or client using Web Services, including SOAP, UDDI and WSDL. The session will concentrate on interoperability between the Apache Axis toolkit for Java and the Axis toolkit for C/C++. Many developers and organisations have much existing code in C/C++ or other static languages, and Web Services is one way to expose those environments to Java, BPEL and dynamic environments. The session will cover the use of this toolkit in real-life examples, including: how to use the provided tooling to access existing applications; how to interface the Axis toolkit with Apache HTTP server; using HTTPS for security; support for Xerces and expat parsers; and interoperability across different environments. The session will cover the use of pull parsers, the architecture of Axis C/C++ and the differences between the Java and C/C++ versions of Axis. Finally, it will cover performance results as well as configuring and coding for performance.

Programming Models for Service Oriented Architecture

This session explores the impact of SOA and Web services on programming. In this session, Paul will present 10 key lessons learnt on how SOA has an impact on programming models and styles. Based on experiences with Web services and SOA over the last three years, including work on WSIF, JAX-RPC, JSR109, non-Java Web services interfaces and newly evolving programming models, this session reviews the lessons learnt in building service-based architectures – including the importance of roles, contracts, message-exchange patterns, lifecycles and resources, context, policy, and intermediation. This session shows practical approaches to writing service oriented applications. In particular, the session shows how certain coding styles improve the re-usability of code and services. The session is designed to promote thought and best practice independent of specific programming libraries. There will be a number of examples based in Java, which will show attendees approaches they can use in their own applications and solutions.

Picture of Paul Fremantle

Paul Fremantle is a Senior Technical Staff Member with IBM in Hursley Park, England, who has led a number of Web services projects both inside IBM and in open source, including the JWSDL standard in the JCP, WSIF in Apache, and IBM’s Web Services Gateway. Paul is a frequent speaker on Web services at industry conferences, and has published a number of articles, as well as co-authoring the IBM Redbook “The XML Files”. Paul has worked on Java, J2EE, SOAP, XML and Web Services and the combination of these since the late 1990's. Paul received an MA in Mathematics and Philosophy, as well as a MSc in Computation, both from the University of Oxford.


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