Neil Graham, XML Parser Development, IBM Toronto Lab

Digging into the Web with a Tiger: Lower-level Data Manipulation with J2SE 5.0 – Part 1


Digging into the Web with a Tiger: Lower-level Data Manipulation with J2SE 5.0 – Part 2

XML is a mature technology, and every year increasingly solidifies its position as the fibre that enables data to flow smoothly around the Web. While high-level techniques such as JAXB or XMLBeans that specialize in allowing applications to manipulate XML in an object-oriented fashion continue to grow in popularity, for many Web developers it's still often necessary to take a more XML-centric view of the data. In these two sessions, we'll talk about how JAXP 1.3, shipped with J2SE 5.0, provides a wealth of tools to make this possible.

The first session will focus on updates to technologies present in J2SE 1.4. We'll introduce SAX and the JAXP transformer and parser APIs, and discuss how they have been updated in JAXP 1.3. We'll also cover the significant new enhancements introduced in DOM level 3, which JAXP 1.3 endorses. In the second session, we'll introduce XML Schema and discuss JAXP 1.3's standardized mapping between XML Schema datatypes and Java types. Finally, we'll examine the entirely new data model- and vendor-neutral XPath 1.0 API and the highly flexible validation API contained in JAXP 1.3. After attending these two sessions, anyone who needs to construct, process, transform or validate XML documents in Tiger will be well on their way.



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Neil Graham has worked on XML parsing technology for IBM for the last four years. The majority of that time has been spent on the Apache Xerces-J project, where he is a committer and one of the project's representatives to the XML Project Management Committee. Neil is also one of IBM's representatives to JSR 206, the Java API for XML Processing 1.3. Neil holds a BSc in math from the University of Winnipeg, and a Masters in computer science from the University of Toronto. When he's not working, Neil likes to read and travel; he's also become something of an audiophile.


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