Peter Haggar, IBM RTP

Mobile Web Services: A Case Study

This session begins by examining the challenges and issues facing developers and architects thinking of deploying mobile device solutions that utilize Web services. The issues discussed include: development tools, devices, client-side software, security, wireless networks, application servers, and integration. In addition, the benefits of Portals and Portlets in a mobile context is examined. The session also includes a detailed look at a deployed mobile solution built by IBM for one of its customers that utilizes Web Services and addresses each of the issues and challenges presented.

Using Data Compression to Improve Application Server Performance

This session examines the use of data compression techniques to improve the performance of Web Services and non-Web Services applications on application servers. Two applications are examined, with and without compression, using varying payload sizes and network speeds. The overall performance and network utilization is examined and the pros and cons of data compression are discussed. Sample code showing how to add compression to achieve better performance is explained..

Picture of Peter Haggar

Peter Haggar is a Senior Software Engineer with IBM in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and the author of the best selling book, Practical Java Programming Language Guide, published by Addison-Wesley. He has a broad range of programming experience, having worked on development tools, class libraries, operating systems, and real-time Java. At IBM, Peter works on emerging internet technology. Currently he focuses on Web services on mobile devices and high performance Web services. Peter is also a frequent technical speaker on Java technology at numerous industry conferences. He received a B.S. in computer science from Clarkson University.


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