Hermod Opstvedt, Den norske Bank, Norway

Secure Web Services – How to Do It, and at What Cost

Web services is steadily gaining momentum as a means of business to business integration. One of the main issues around this type of integration has been security, both with regard to content integrity and with respect to authentication/authorization. In this session we go through how you would go about solving these issues, using techniques such as secure HTTP and Web Service Security (WSS). We also look at what the cost is of doing integration with secure Web services as opposed to other more traditional ways of integration, learning from a real life project. At the end of this session you should be well prepared to decide whether or not you should go ahead with a Web services project and how to do it yourself, having learned how to avoid the common pitfalls.

Model Driven Architecture (MDA) – A New Paradigm in Software Development

Model Driven Architecture, from the Object Management Group, promises to be a new paradigm in software development, with the major goal of separating business and application logic from the actual platform specific implementation. In this session we will go through the various parts that make up the MDA, being the Platform Independent Model (PIM) , the Platform Specific Model (PSM), Interface Definition Sets and the transformation between the PIM and the PSM, and between the PSM and the code using artifacts as Object Construction Language (OCL). We also take a look a what options you have for doing work with the MDA, using both open-source and commercial tools. At the end of this session you should be able to decide how to proceed with MDA.

Picture of Hermod Opstvedt

Hermod Opstvedt Hermod Opstvedt is the Chief Architect for the e-Program of DnB NOR, the largest bank in Norway. He has been working with components and OO architectures for more than 20 years, the last eight years specifically with Java and CORBA. The last five years he has been responsible for the architecture behind the bank's e-business initiative, with particular responsibility for architecting the integration of the various systems throughout the bank and developing an EJB-based framework for the new banking systems. He also has a role as a mentor for the developers in the bank with regards to issues surrounding J2EE. He has also developed and runs several sites for the Norweigian National Sailing Federation in his spare time.

Email: hermod.opstvedt@dnb.no

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