Hari Rajagopal, Galileo International

Introduction to Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)

Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) leverage component based development on an enterprise scale to allow reuse and enhance time to market. This session introduces the principles of a Service Oriented Architecture and details the architecture of such a system using open source and Java. Included will be explanation of the broker and bus based architecture, service exposure using discovery mechanisms, and implementation of an enterprise wide Service Oriented Architecture and shared services platform. Code examples will be given in Java, and deployment architectures for such an undertaking shall be discussed. Various methods of integration including Web service clients are discussed.

Best Practices for Developing Components for Shared Services

The reuse and applicability of a component can be measured by its understandability, extensibility and granularity. In this session the guidelines for designing such components are discussed, with particular emphasis on deploying them as services within a SOA framework.

Component granularity, SDLC (software development lifecycle) from business domain model to business objects using automation, composition of business objects into meta services and efficient use of XML processing within the components and across them are discussed in detail. Performance data from real life examples is presented to back up the recommendations. Emphasis is on using open systems tools to construct these components.

Picture of Hari Rajagopal

Hari Rajagopal is a systems engineer for Galileo International, based in Denver, CO. From a start as a Biomedical engineer he has come full circle to his first love of computers, and has at various times designed cardiac monitoring systems, machines for automated blood product collection, financial systems and most recently systems for the travel industry. His focus has been on systems integration and distributed processing. In his spare time he rescues and fosters livestock guard dogs and fixes jeeps that routinely fail on Colorado's backcountry trails.

Email: Hari.Rajagopal@Galileo.com

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