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Best Practices with Apache Geronimo

Working with new technology is exciting but can often be difficult. To remedy this situation, most developers prefer to follow a map of best practices detailing the landscape and providing some available options. Because Apache Geronimo is composed of BSD derived Open Source projects from throughout the community, a certain level of familiarity will exist. But how to get started and how to become productive still might not be clear without a little help.

This session will explain some best practices for using Apache Geronimo by detailing how to get started and how to become productive building Web applications as quickly as possible.

A Peek Under the Hood of Apache Geronimo

Apache Geronimo is fairly unique in its implementation. Rather than create each component from the ground up, Geronimo is actually composed mainly of BSD derived Open Source projects from throughout the community. One of the most powerful features within the Geronimo architecture is its pluggable design. This design offers power and flexibility when it comes to adding additional services.

In this session, the pluggability within Geronimo will be explained and demonstrated to provide a deeper understanding of the Geronimo architecture. This session will provide developers with a better understanding of the internals of Geronimo so they can begin plugging in their preferred Open Source projects.

Picture of Bruce Snyder

Bruce Snyder lives in the Denver, Colorado area with his family. He is a lead developer for the Castor Project and a founding member and developer of Apache Geronimo. Bruce is also currently authoring the Castor Live book and will begin authoring the Geronimo Live book this Summer, both for SourceBeat Publishing.

Bruce has worked at various startups implementing J2EE and related solutions, and has nearly nine year's experience. His experience with Java technology and J2EE runs the gamut from system design and architecture to implementation, testing, deployment and support. Bruce is an independent software consultant in Denver, Colorado.


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