Stephen Stelting, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Exception Handling for J2EE Systems

An often neglected consideration when developing a J2EE application is how to address exceptions at the enterprise level. When working with a complex multi-tier architecture such as J2EE, a number of additional issues must be addressed, such as:

The answers to these questions have substantial impact on the success of an enterprise application, and the degree to which it satisfies architectural requirements such as performance, flexibility and scalability. This session will present a view of the exception handling model that transcends individual application tiers. Steve will present the exception model at each tier, and discuss requirements and recommendations for managing exceptions for a J2EE application as a whole.

Unit and Integration Testing: Techniques and Technologies for J2EE Applications

J2EE applications present substantial challenges for testing and debugging. Beyond the inherent complexity of the component model, it's hard to effectively perform tests on software that is deployed and run inside of servers. As a result, J2EE code is often undertested or tested in a runtime environment apart from its production server.

This talk presents a number of ways to manage white-box testing within a J2EE framework. Steve will describe requirements for effective J2EE unit and integration testing. He'll describe popular open source frameworks used for J2EE testing, including Jakarta Cactus and the SourceForge project Mock Objects. He'll also discuss state of the art test capabilities with the open source IDE products and how they can be used to test J2EE software.

Picture of Stephing Stelting

Stephen Stelting is an instructor for Sun's Center of Learning Excellence in Broomfield, CO. Over the past seven years, Steve has taught thousands of people all over the world about the joys of Java. Steve has been a speaker at the Colorado Software Summit since 2002. He's also been a frequent speaker at professional events such as the JavaOne and SunNetwork conferences. Steve is the author of Java Platform Exception Handling by Prentice Hall PTR, co-author of Applied Java Patterns by Prentice-Hall, and he's just finished writing his second book for the Sun Java series, Robust Java. To celebrate, he really *does* plan to learn how to ski this year.


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