Matthew Wakeling, FlyMine Group, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge, England

Advanced Techniques for Object Warehousing

Some applications of data warehousing systems require more functionality than is widely available. However, the object-oriented nature of Java is ideal for fulfilling these requirements. This session presents methods of handling multiple inheritance in object models, advanced user-provided queries, transaction processing, and an extremely capable structure for data integration from several overlapping and conflicting data sources. It also presents a generic method of improving the performance of arbitrary queries.

Improving Performance in Object Warehousing

Writing formally correct implementations of the data integration systems described in "Advanced techniques for Object Warehousing" will result in a system that works, but generally extremely slowly. This session explores some of the techniques used to achieve a thousand-fold performance improvement in such a system, along with lessons, algorithms and tips that can be applied to other projects. Topics covered include solving the "N + 1 reads" problem, handling large offsets in SQL, read and write batching, and thread models for improving throughput performance.

Picture of Matthew Wakeling

Matthew Wakeling is a software developer for the FlyMine group in the Department of Genetics, in the University of Cambridge, England. Brought up in Kenya, he has a Master of Arts in computing from Cambridge (or as they call it "magister artemis"), and has been employed in various computing projects in Cambridge since. He has a particular interest in using algorithms and thread models in such a way as to produce the optimum performance. When he has finished fiddling with the FlyMine system and making database runs take an afternoon rather than a year, he intends to cast his beady eye over filesystems and other operating system internals, with the hope of unearthing a PhD somewhere. Matthew enjoys gardening, music, and wandering up mountains.


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