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Agenda Sorted by Speaker Name

The presentations posted here are in PDF format; you will need a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

To see a description of the speaker and topic, click on the speaker name. To view the presentation, click on the topic title.

Speaker Name

Topic Title

Bender, Tom
Tendril Networks
ESB – An Introduction to an Enterprise Work flow Framework
Mule - A Detailed Look at an Enterprise Service Bus
Bergman, Noel
DevTech, Inc.
Introduction to Portlet Programming with JSR-168
JSP 2.0 Tag Files: Custom Tags Made Easy
Bodkin, Ron
New Aspects of Software
Using Aspect-Oriented Programming to Implement Web Services
Performance Management for Web Services with Aspect-Oriented Programming
Chinnici, Roberto
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Ease of Development Features in Java EE 5
What's New in Java EE 5 and Beyond?
Fremantle, Paul
WSO2 Inc.
United Kingdom
The AJAX Architecture and Scripting Services with E4X
Apache Axis2 – The New Generation of Open Source Web Services
Frijters, Jeroen
Sumatra Software b.v.
The Netherlands
An Introduction to .NET for the J2EE Programmer
Interoperating with .NET – Beyond Web Services
Graham, Neil
XML Parser Development
IBM Toronto Lab
Who's Afraid of XML Schema?
Tricks and Tips for Making Your XML Application Go Faster
Jennery, Aidon
IBM Corporation
Stop. Go. No, stop! How many ways are there to block a thread in Java?
Jennery, Kimberly (Bobrow)
Taking Advantage of Multi-Threading in Java
Johnsson, Dan Bergh
Omegapoint AB
Effective Unit Testing of In-Container Components
Real Life Automated Tests – A Case Study
Keith, Michael
Oracle Corporation
EJB 3.0 – The Next Generation
Migrating to EJB 3.0 – Panama Canal or Northwest Passage?
Landers, Dave
BEA Systems Inc.
WSRP: Web Services for Remote Portlets
Lawrence, Kelvin
IBM Austin
Web Services Advanced Topics: Beyond SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI Part 1
Web Services Advanced Topics: Beyond SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI Part 2
Maron, Jon
Oracle Corporation
Asynchronous Web Services: The Link from JAX-RPC to BPEL
Integrating Legacy Assets using J2EE Web Services
Moskowitz, David
Productivity Solutions, Inc.
An Introduction to Agile Software Development
Web Services:  How do you actually derive value?
Murphy, Gary
Hilbert Computing Inc.
When the Servlet Model Doesn't Serve: Other Application Deployment Models
Java Roads Less Travelled
Nadalin, Anthony
IBM Austin
Model Driven Security Architecture
SOA Security Programming Model
Opstvedt, Hermod
Demystifying the Axis Deployment Descriptor
Using Dynamic Proxies
Phipps, Simon
Chief Open Source Officer
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
The Zen of Open: Observations of a New Bear
Keynote Presentation, Thursday, October 27
Pressley, Valerie
Developing a Connector Using Java Connector Architecture
Packaging and Deploying a JCA Connector
Raible, Matt
Raible Designs
The Spring Framework
Comparing Java Web Frameworks: JSF, Struts, Spring, Tapestry and WebWork
Rajagopal, Hari
IBM Corporation
The Semantic Web: Ontology Development using RDF and OWL
JENA: A JAVA API for Ontology Management
Reinhold, Mark
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Tigers and Mustangs and Dolphins, Oh My!
Evolving the Java™ Language
Roberts, Simon Security Principles for Java Programmers and Architects
Java Security in Practice
Ryman, Arthur
IBM Toronto Laboratory
Developing Web Services with Eclipse
What’s New in WSDL 2.0
Smith, Donald
Oracle Corporation
High Performance Persistence
Politics of Java Persistence
Smith, Mitchell
Array BioPharma Inc.
XML Support in Relational Databases
Intermediate Python
Snyder, Bruce
Jailey Solutions
Apache Geronimo for Developers
Apache Geronimo Architecture and Community
Soyring, John
Vice President, Solutions and Software
IBM Corporation
Conference Opening Keynote Presentation
Monday, October 24
Tost, Andre
IBM Software Group
Practical Lessons Learned in Web Services Design and Implementation
Service Data Objects