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Questions, Questions, Questions... and Great Answers

Question and Answer (Q&A) Sessions

At 6:20 on Monday through Thursday, after the last tutorial has completed, everyone is invited to the daily Q&A session. For many people these Q&A sessions are among the best parts of the conference. They provide an opportunity for anyone to ask a question and then to draw on the collective experience and wisdom of the entire conference group for an answer. Often the answer can lead to a fair amount of discussion (and additional questions), and often the answer might be "I will get that answer and give it to you at tomorrow's Q&A session," but ultimately most questions elicit good answers.

The format of these Q&A sessions is intentionally "loose." The moderator has a low tolerance for rambling political commentary masquerading as a question, and an even lower tolerance for personal attacks, but both of these are rare (and are quickly short-circuited). Otherwise, this hour belongs to the participants, and the moderator's only job is to keep things moving along and especially to attempt to get good answers to every question.