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Tom Bender
Tendril Networks

ESB – An Introduction to an Enterprise Work flow Framework

This talk will focus on building a simple enterprise work flow application using ESB technology. We will cover the process of partitioning your application into services, designing and coding these services in the context of an ESB container, testing your ESB application and finally deploying your ESB application into the enterprise. We will also touch on the architectural aspects of building an ESB application, specifically best practices for designing services, coupling of services in the context of an enterprise work flow and basic work flow patterns. In addition, we will review some of the available open source and commercially available ESB/work flow containers and discuss their strengths and weaknesses relative to an enterprise criteria.

Mule - A Detailed Look at an Enterprise Service Bus

This talk will focus on the details of the Mule ESB Container and the steps involved with building an enterprise work flow application using the Mule ESB Container ( After an architectural review of the Mule ESB Container, including an overview of the SEDA ( processing model, we will step through several examples that demonstrate both standard and complex work flow patterns that you will likely encounter in the enterprise. And finally, we will examine ESB computing in the context of evolving standards including BPEL, Java Business Integration (JBI)/JSR 208, Web Services and Grid Computing.

Photo of Tom Bender

Tom Bender is a Senior Software Architect with Tendril Networks in Boulder, Colorado. Tom has over 20 years of software development experience in a variety of domains including machine vision, CAD/CAM, expert financial trading systems and numerous scheduling and workflow related systems. His current focus is on defining a software architecture in the 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Network domain. Prior to joining Tendril Networks, Tom was instrumental in delivering Digital Globe's standard OGC geospatial architcture. In addition, Tom has providing software consulting services for Fortune 500 companies including Sony, Union Pacific and Jefferies Group, applying advanced techniques of heuristic programming and expert system development to build complex decision support systems. Tom has been using Java and J2EE technology since their inception and has been instrumental for many successful projects using these technologies. When Tom is not at work or enjoying his family, he can be found in the back country snowboarding or telemarking, playing disc golf or riding his dual sport motorcycle in the Rocky mountains and Utah desert.


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