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Jeroen Frijters
Sumatra Software b.v.
The Netherlands

An Introduction to .NET for the J2EE Programmer

Where do .NET and J2EE differ? Where are they similar? After a brief high level overview, we'll dive in and take an in depth look at Class Libraries, Component Models, Application Servers, Code Packaging, Deployment, Versioning, Security Models, Portability, Integration with Legacy Code and a bit of C#.

Interoperating with .NET – Beyond Web Services

The obvious way to interoperate between the two platforms is by using Web services, but what if you need tighter coupling than Web services provide? We will look at several solutions for tighter integration between Java and .NET code, including running your Java code on the .NET platform and running your .NET code on the Java platform.

Photo of Jeroen Frijters

Jeroen Frijters is Technical Director of Sumatra Software, based in The Netherlands. Recognizing the importance of the then-emerging Java platform, he co-founded Sumatra in early 1997 to build shrink-wrap Java solutions. Prior to that he worked as an independent consultant in the oil industry.

He has over 10 years of experience designing and building software systems, using a variety of programming languages. In his spare time he works on IKVM.NET, an open source JVM for .NET. For more information about IVKM.NET, please visit


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