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Aidon Jennery
IBM Corporation

Stop. Go. No, stop! How many ways are there to block a thread in Java?

Until Java 5.0 the limitations of Java's multi-threading system kept many developers from developing robust multi-threaded solutions. The introduction of the java.util.concurrent packages has changed all that, for the better. In this presentation Aidon will show you how to exploit these powerful new classes to enable your applications to run multi-threaded, effectively, and efficiently, no matter how many processors it runs on, or how many cores a processor has.

This intermediate/advanced session will address the various types of inter-thread synchronization schemes and classes. The new java.util.concurent packages and subpackages will be discussed, with special attention given to semaphores, locks, barriers, thread pools, executors, queues, and count-down latches. Atomic variables will also be covered. Previous programming experience with Java 1.4 (or prior) multi-threading, or attendance at "Taking Advantage of Multi-Threading in Java" is strongly suggested as a pre-requisite to attending this session.

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Aidon Jennery is a Senior Architect working in the Enterprise Content Management Solutions Development unit of IBM Corp where he devises and develops customer solutions based on IBM's Content Management portfolio of products. Aidon has been multi-threading, multitasking and synchronizing for almost 20 years and has much experience in the architecture and design of systems software, subsystems, middleware and applications. With over 25 years experience in the computer industry, he has presented numerous courses, seminars and technical briefings all over Europe and the United States, as well as providing consultancy, training services and development assistance at all levels to many of the industry's top companies and corporations.


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