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Kimberly (Bobrow) Jennery

Taking Advantage of Multi-Threading in Java

While other popular programming languages rely on calls to operating system APIs to support multi-threading (different APIs for different operating systems), Java provides support for multi-threading directly — threads are a core part of the language. In this presentation, Kimberly will show you how to take advantage of this powerful feature of Java.

In this introductory/intermediate session, we will address the capabilities and limitations of Java's multi-threading model. We will discuss the need for thread synchronization and the mechanisms provided by Java to accomplish it. Other topics will include: support for inter-thread communications; thread priorities; daemon threads; using locks; avoiding deadlocks; exception handling in a multi-threading environment, etc. This session will be especially useful for anyone who is unfamiliar with multi-threading. Anyone who is somewhat familiar with the mechanisms of Java's multi-threading, but who has limited understanding of when and how to apply their knowledge will also benefit.

Photo of Kimberly Jennery

Kimberly (Bobrow) Jennery is President of IntelliClass, a California-based consulting firm which specializes in Internet-based application development and technical training. She has taught programming in various languages across the country for Fortune 1000 companies, and consults on various Internet and other development projects. In recent years she worked for Sun Microsystems, Inc. as a technical course developer, and was involved in developing the Business Component Developer certification test for J2EE 1.3. She also worked with Xerox PARC on a project which involved an on-line text-based community (MOO) with an elementary school in Phoenix, Arizona, including a Java client. She has close to 20 years programming experience, most of which has been with object-oriented technologies.


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