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David Moskowitz
Productivity Solutions, Inc.

An Introduction to Agile Software Development

Agile isn't a method; you don't do agile.  Agile software development is a process that provides a competitive advantage derived from flexibility, speed, and the reduction or elimination of waste.  An agile process is an iterative process that focuses on people, on delivering business value, and on workflow.

For most organizations, there is a process to become more agile, a process that requires change.  In this session, David addresses the changes to the software development process that are required for an organization to become more agile, flexible and adaptive.  The ultimate goal for agile software development is to allow the requirements to converge such that the end product is the needed system, versus the requested system.  At the same time the software development process becomes more efficient.

Web Services:  How do you actually derive value?

Everybody talks about service oriented architectures (SOA) to the point that it is a buzzword that appears in almost every product description, advertisement for employment, or software status report. The buzz concerns service-oriented architectures, service programming, service interfaces, service this, service that — service overloaded (figuratively and literally); but nobody talks about actually determining the effectiveness of a service oriented approach.

It all comes down to a fundamental question: How do you make Web services play nice?

You spend the time to build a Web services architecture and infrastructure.  So do your vendors and customers. Then you try to make your services inter-operate with their services, and the fun begins.  So how do you assure that everybody's services actually work together?  In this session David addresses the issues and approaches to make services actually work.

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David Moskowitz is a Principal Consultant at Productivity Solutions, Inc., a Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania-based consulting firm that helps its clients thrive in an eBusiness economy. David is an object-oriented, mentor and project manager. In these capacities, he has guided many successful Java projects. He is currently serving as the chief architect for a Web-services based project for a division of a Fortune 500 firm that is re-engineering legacy applications to be Web-friendly and processes to be agile. David has been a speaker at every Colorado Software Summit and his sessions are always well rated and attended.


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