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Hermod Opstvedt

Demystifying the Axis Deployment Descriptor

If you are using the Apache Axis Webservices implementation, you sooner or later run into issues of how to deploy a service on it using the WSDD (Web Service Deployment Descriptor). Often you need to augment the WSDD with information about what your services return. In this session we go into how to describe input and return values, and what you can and can not use to keep in interoperabilty issues away. We also look at a nifty little tool that automates the task of building the WSDD.

Using Dynamic Proxies

One of the lesser talked about features in Java is dynamic proxies. In this session we look at how the use of these in a real live application improved stability, improved the ability to find and correct bugs, and also simplified implementing logging standards.

Photo of Hermod Opstvedt

Hermod Opstvedt is the Chief Architect for the e-Program of DnB NOR, the largest bank in Norway. He has been working with components and OO architectures for more than 20 years, the last eight years specifically with Java and CORBA. The last five years he has been responsible for the architecture behind the bank's e-business initiative, with particular responsibility for architecting the integration of the various systems throughout the bank and developing an EJB-based framework for the new banking systems. He also has a role as a mentor for the developers in the bank with regards to issues surrounding J2EE. He has also developed and runs several sites for the Norweigian National Sailing Federation in his spare time.


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