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Valerie Pressley

Developing a Connector Using Java Connector Architecture

This session gives an overview of the Java Connector Architecture: the participants (application components, application server, resource adapter, EIS), the contracts (system contracts, application contracts), and the classes to implement the contracts (Connection, ConnectionFactory, ManagedConnection, ManagedConnectionFactory, ConnectionEventListener, LocalTransaction, XAResource). Then the session turns to an example demonstrating how a connector is used to communicate with a back-end system.

Level - intermediate
Prerequisites - knowledge of J2EE application server functionality

Packaging and Deploying a JCA Connector

This session will walk through the steps required to package and deploy a connector in a J2EE application server. Examples will be provided that show the relationship between the information in the connector deployment descriptors and how it is used by the application server to find the ConnectionFactory that is used to create the Connection objects that contain the underlying connection to the EIS.

Level - intermediate
Prerequisites - knowledge of J2EE application server functionality

Picture of Valerie Pressley

Valerie Pressley has been in IT since 1984. She started out at Texas Instruments in Austin, TX. From there, she moved to Atlanta, GA and worked for a number of companies including Coca-Cola, Dun & Bradstreet Software, and BellSouth. Her main focus during this time was Windows development using C, C++, and Visual Basic. Upon moving back to her home state of New Jersey, Valerie changed her focus to the Internet and began working for Bluestone Software during the early days of application servers (when CGI was king). She started programming in Java and worked as a consultant, traveling to client sites to deploy Web-based software that was a precursor to today’s application servers. In 2001, Bluestone Software was acquired by Hewlett-Packard. Valerie moved into the Consulting and Integration group, where she continued to focus on J2EE development and deployment.

Valerie enjoys the challenge of Java development and seeks development opportunities within HP whenever possible. She believes that there are plenty of software tools available, but not that many people that know how to integrate those tools. When someone gains knowledge and experiences in an area, it is important to share those experiences with others so that the same mistakes can be avoided.


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