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Matt Raible
Raible Designs

The Spring Framework

The Spring Framework has made J2EE's APIs (JDBC, JNDI, etc.) much easier to use and has reduced the amount of time it takes to develop J2EE Applications. Using Spring you can de-couple your code, make it easier to test, and quit worrying about closing connections and resources. The framework does it all for you! Spring also has a web framework that supports many view technologies out-of-the-box: JSP, Velocity, FreeMarker, XML, Excel, PDF and JasperReports. In this session, you will learn about Spring MVC, Spring's Inversion of Control Container, it's ORM/JDBC Support APIs, how it simplifies Transactions, it's AOP Framework, and how it hooks into your favorite web framework. Acegi Security and Spring Web Flow will also be explained. Lots of code and demonstrations will be provides as part of this session.

Pre-requisites: Should be familiar with Java and J2EE. Knowing about JUnit and test-driven development is useful, but not required. Java Web Frameworks knowledge is a plus.
Level: Introductory/Intermediate

Comparing Java Web Frameworks: JSF, Struts, Spring, Tapestry and WebWork

This session is designed to explore and compare the popular Java web frameworks. It will briefly explain how each one works and the strengths and weaknesses of each. Tips, tricks and gotcha's will be plentiful. A simple web application will be dissected and the different options will be compared. Lastly, it will provide attendees with a sample app they can download that has options to use any of the frameworks described.

Pre-requisites: Should be familiar with Java, J2EE and at least one of the following frameworks: JSF, Struts, Spring, Tapestry or WebWork.
Level: Introductory/Intermediate

Picture of Matt Raible

Matt Raible is the Spring and Web Frameworks Practice Leader for Virtuas, an open source consultancy based in Denver, Colorado. He has extensive experience and expertise in open source, both as a user and a devleoper. Matt is the author of Spring Live for SourceBeat Publishing, and has been a speaker at many conferences worldwide, including ApacheCon, MySQL User's Conference, and a host of others.

Matt also has created his own open source application, AppFuse, which glues together many popular open source projects such as Struts, Spring, XDoclet and Hibernate. As web framework alternatives to Struts, AppFuse supports JSF, Spring MVC, Tapestry or WebWork. Matt's blog site receives over three million hits a month, mainly due to its tips and tricks (and google hits!) for the Enterprise Java Developer. You can find Matt's blog at

Matt also contributed to the Apress book, Pro JSP Third Edition. Matt is an avid mountain biker, skier and golfer.


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