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Andre Tost
IBM Software Group

Practical Lessons Learned in Web Services Design and Implementation

This presentation covers common problems that developers run into when implementing and consuming web services. It represents a collection of topics that come up over and over again in projects. We will present best practices, but also highlight shortcomings in currently available technology. Focus is on implementation and design related concerns, not on architecture. Moreover, we will assume that implementation is done in Java/J2EE.

Some subjects that we will discuss are SOAP header types, .Net interoperability, how to deal with contextual data, stateful web services, service lookup, just to name a few examples. The content is derived from a number of real life Web services projects and reflects the experience of several consultants, developers and architects.

Service Data Objects

Both IBM and BEA recently published a specification that defines a new data representation mechanism, called Service Data Object (SDO). It disconnects data from its source, allowing uniform data access and manipulation, regardless of where the data is stored. The SDO specification provides both static and a dynamic access to data. While SDO has started to appear in commercial products, an open source implementation exists as part of the Eclise project.

In this session, we will introduce the specification and show coding examples of its use. There will also be a description and demo of the open source Eclipse project.

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Andre Tost works as a Senior Technical Staff Member in the Software Group's Enterprise Integration Solutions organization, where he helps IBM's customers establishing Service Oriented Architectures. His special focus is on Web services technology. Before his current assignment, he spent ten years in various partner enablement, development and architecture roles in IBM software development, most recently for the WebSphere Business Development group. Originally from Germany, he now lives and works in Rochester, Minnesota. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his family and play and watch soccer whenever possible.


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