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Colorado Software Summit 2006
October 22 – 27, 2006

Thank You for Attending CSS 2006!

Another conference week has flown by in what seems to us (after a year of preparation) to be a mere blink of the eye. Once again, we extend our thanks to all of you for joining us this year, and for sharing with us your knowledge, your questions, and especially your friendship. We hope your time spent with us has invigorated you and regenerated your enthusiasm for this wonderful profession we share, and that it filled your minds with new knowledge and fostered great ideas you can't wait to implement.

We especially want to acknowledge and thank our speakers, who worked literally for months preparing their presentations, and then again worked hard presenting their topics in the sessions you attended. Our speakers are here all week, and we hope you took advantage of this great opportunity to get to know them, to ask them questions, and to just hang out with them.

We hope you will remember this conference as one of the very best weeks of your year. Your enthusiasm for learning these new technologies, combined with your active participation in the conference, contributed greatly to making this a tremendous experience for everyone.

Thank you all, and we hope we’ll see every one of you again in 2007!

Announcing Colorado Software Summit 2007

Mark your calendar now for the week of October 21– 26, 2007, and plan to join us again at Keystone Resort for next year's conference. For the latest details about the 2007 conference, check the Colorado Software Summit Web page. We will begin to post information about the 2007 conference in the first quarter of 2007.

Presentations from Earlier Conferences

We will begin posting presentations from Colorado Software Summit 2006 during the first quarter of 2007.

All of the presentations from Colorado Software Summit 2005 are available here, in PDF format, for download and viewing using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. To make it easier to find specific presentations that you wish to see, we have arranged them as CSS2005 presentations sorted by speaker name and CSS2005 presentations sorted by topic title.

In addition, all of the presentations from CSS 2004 are also available for viewing. These are organized as CSS 2004 presentations sorted by speaker name and as CSS 2004 presentations sorted by topic title.

You'll also find all of the presentations from CSS 2003, CSS 2003 presentations sorted by speaker name and CSS 2003 presentations sorted by topic title.

We hope you'll take the time to look at these presentations carefully, so that you can see for yourself the quality and depth of the information available at Colorado Software Summit.

Would You Like to be Notified about Future Conferences?

If you would like to be notified by mail with more information about Colorado Software Summit 2007, please contact us with your postal address and we will place you on our mailing list. We usually mail this information in July. You can also contact us by phone, fax, and mail.

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