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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Eran Chinthaka

WSO2 Inc.

Due to a family medical emergency, Eran was unable to attend the conference. The presentations he had prepared for the conference were instead delivered by Paul Fremantle.

Why Apache Axis2: The Future of Web Services

The Axis2 project, the successor of the Axis SOAP project, started with the goal of developing a next generation SOAP stack to serve as the core of the next generation Web services platform. Axis2 is centered around a high performance object model called AXIOM and is designed to be a very flexible SOAP engine supporting document-oriented, asynchronous communications as well as traditional RPC-style interactions. Axis2 has been carefully designed to allow other modules, such as Apache WSS4J (implementation of WS-Security, Secure Conversation and Trust) and Apache Sandesha (implementation of WS-Reliable Messaging) to be built on top of it and very easily integrated. This session will present the key concepts of the Axis2 architecture and provide insight into the next generation of Apache SOAP stacks.

Introducing AXIOM — Pull based XML Object Model Optimized for SOAP Processing

The AXIs Object Model (AXIOM) is a pull based XML object model, this time defined by the Axis2 project. AXIOM consists of two parts: a complete XML Infoset representation and a SOAP Infoset representation on top of that. The XML Infoset representation provides a JDOM-like simple API but is built on a deferred model via a StAX-based (Streaming API for XML) pull parsing API. A key feature of AXIOM is that it allows one to stop building the XML tree and just access the pull stream directly; thus enabling both maximum flexibility and maximum performance. This approach allows us to support multiple levels of abstraction for consuming and offering Web services in Axis2: using plain AXIOM, using generated code and statically data-bound data types and so on.

Photo of Eran Chinthaka

Eran Chinthaka is a pioneering member of Apache Axis2, Apache Axiom and Apache Synapse projects. He works full time for WSO2 Inc. and was involved in WS-Addressing , SOAP 1.1/1.2, REST, Core of Axis2 and implemented a visual modeling tool for BPEL4WS. He has experience in working with various projects of Web services, business process automation, mobile development and telecommunication and network management.

Eran has published many articles on Axis2 and Axiom and has spoken at numerous industrial conferences, including ApacheCon 2005, 2006, JAX Conference and FOSSSL.

Email: chinthaka@opensource.lk