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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Tod Creasey

IBM Canada

Foundations of User Interface Programming Using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform

JFace forms the foundations of the Eclipse RCP user interface. The toolkit offers a framework for many common interface components such as image and font registries, dialog, preference and wizard frameworks based on the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT). This talk covers how these components can be used to build an Eclipse Rich Client Platform application in a platform independent way.

We will go through a practical example of building an application from the ground up using JFace and SWT.

Advanced User Interface Programming Using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform

The Eclipse RCP UI consists of both plug-in extensions to the platform and reusable user interface components. This talk will provide a more advanced look into the way an RCP UI application can be built. We will cover some of the advanced components in the Platform UI and the plug-in extensions that access them by taking an example written using just the JFace and SWT frameworks and integrating it into the Eclipse platform.

Photo of Tod Creasey

Tod Creasey has been working with the OTI/IBM labs team since 1993 on a variety of IDEs starting with Envy developer and progressing through the Visual Age family of Smalltalk and Java IDEs. Tod joined the Eclipse team during the tech preview in 2001 and has been a member of the Workbench team since. He is an Eclipse Platform UI Committer.

Email: Tod_Creasey@ca.ibm.com