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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Bill Dudney

Virtuas Open Source Solutions

Introducing Cayenne

Cayenne is a powerful, full-featured OpenSource Object/Relational framework. Cayenne is written in Java and is intended for Java developers working with relational databases. The modeler makes it easy to reverse engineer java code from an existing database or push a database schema down into your DB. This talk will focus on how to get started with Cayenne, how Cayenne works and how to use Cayenne to build real world apps (either web or fat client). Cayenne has a similar feature set to Hibernate but is different in many ways. This talk we will also review some of the differences between Hibernate and Cayenne.

Building AJAX Enabled JSF Components

AJAX is more than just hype, it is a bunch of existing (probably known to/by you) technologies grouped under one buzz word that is all about building rich web apps with lots of responsive user interaction on top of the Java EE 5 standard web application tool kit. This talk will focus on how to build JavaServer Faces components that take advantage of the rich user experience that is possible with the growing popularity and maturity of AJAX. This talk will cover best practices for building JSF components as well as how to extend JSF to make it easier to serve JavaScript to the browser.

Photo of Bill Dudney

Bill Dudney is a Practice Leader and CTO at Virtuas Open Source Solutions. He is a long time advocate of open source software and has been actively involved in several communities through the years. Currently Bill is a committer on the Apache Software Foundation's MyFaces project, and the Cayenne project which recently entered incubation at Apache. He has written several books and would program even if no one paid him to do it (but he's really glad someone is). In addition to his involvement in enterprise software development Bill loves to tinker with toys like Legos (especially Mindstorms) and enjoys raising his kids near the mountains of Colorado.

Email: bdudney@apache.org