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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Dion Gillard

Multitask Consulting Pty. Ltd.

nanoSOA™ 3.0 Beta

This was an ad hoc presentation given during lunch on the final day of Colorado Software Summit 2006, a humorous take on the many genunine concepts and technological "buzzwords" that were part of all the other presentations throughout the week.

Photo of Dion Gillard

Dion Gillard is the Technical Director and a founding member of Multitask Consulting, an Australia J2EE specialist services company. He has developed for Java since the pre 1.0 releases, helping to provide a wide range of development and mentoring services in several countries across the Asia Pacific region. Dion has worked extensively in the enterprise arena with both government and large business in leveraging J2EE technologies to bring business results. Dion has been involved in several open source projects of the Apache Software Foundation, including Maven, Jakarta's Jelly and Latka.