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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Kevin Kelly

IBM Corporation

XForms for Web Services

XForms is an XML-based W3C technology for web-based forms that is a natural mechanism for gathering data for web services invocation when human input is needed.  Since WSDL is also XML, the WSDL description can serve to prime an XForms data model for the input form,  and output form if applicable.  The XForm XML instance document will be a SOAP Envelope that will allow direct invocation of the web service from an XForms-capable client.  A demonstration against a live web service with Eclipse-based automation for XForm construction from WSDL will be shown.

Rich Web Applications — Client Standards

At some point in time, a user will interface with a business process, either by initiating it via the purchase of a product, or by being part of the process, getting the product from a warehouse and shipping it.  This talk will look at rich web client-based standards, from the W3C's Rich Web Client Activity.  This W3C Activity focuses on defining client-side markup and APIs that enable a rich user-experiences that span across many devices.   Issues surrounding combining markups will be explored, such as how web applications using XHTML that contain forms controls using XForms markup which are reskinned in SVG interact across namespace boundaries

Photo of Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly is a Senior Technical Staff Member with the IBM Corporation working on Emerging Software Standards. Kevin is a member of the W3C XForms Working Group, HyperText Coordination Working Group, as well as the Chair of the  W3C Compound Document Format Working Group.  His focus is on the client technology and evolving open standards based technologies for faster, more efficient standards adoption through XML-based and model-driven approaches. Before joining IBM, Kevin spent 8 year at Rational Software working on UML modeling and Java technologies.

Email: kekelly@us.ibm.com