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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

David Moskowitz

Productivity Solutions, Inc.

Patterns and Anti-Patterns in SOA

What works and what doesn't — a look at mistakes and successes crafting and implementing SOA. A software architecture defines the externally visible properties of the system under development and their relationship(s) including structure, relationships and patterns. There are also patterns of behavior and approach during the process of creating a service-oriented architecture that contribute to success and anti-patterns that contribute to failure. This presentation is based upon the experience gained from several real-world client projects. In this presentation David reviews the patterns to emulate that contribute to the success and anti-patterns to avoid to keep the project from failure.

Managing Open Source

There is no doubt that open source has reached more than critical mass in the enterprise, to the point that no technical manager can ignore exploring some the great open source tools that are available. There are questions that should be asked to guide the exploration and selection of open source tools. There's more to open source than the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl, php and Python) stack. In this presentation David covers the most important questions every technical lead needs to know including: Where does it work in your organization? How do you evaluate the real costs of open source. What are the core skills required? How do you manage the various open source licenses? What about service and support options — who manages/handles the updates and patches?

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David Moskowitz is a Principal Consultant at Productivity Solutions, Inc., a Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania-based consulting firm that helps its clients thrive in an eBusiness economy. David is an object-oriented mentor and architect. In these capacities, he has guided many successful projects. He is currently serving as the chief architect for a service-oriented architecture project for a division of a Fortune 500 firm. David was added to the project after many missteps and helped the organization recognize the process and patterns that contributed to the current state. David has been a speaker at every Colorado Software Summit and his sessions are always timely and well rated and attended.

Email: davidm2@usa.net