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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Joe Oak

State Auto Insurance

The Linux Experience — Introducing Linux to the Enterprise (Parts 1 and 2)

As software costs rise and server farms grow, more companies are beginning to evaluate the Linux operating system and various Open Source packages. They are seeking a stable and secure operating environment, one that will provide significant cost savings and might potentially open the door for additional software solutions.

This two-part presentation will weave together the two sides of a real-world experience: the process and pitfalls of introducing Linux and Open Source to a business; and a case study of the technical issues involved in implementing Linux in an environment using the IBM zSeriesT platform. Most of the presentation can be applied to any platform, and is not limited to those with mainframes in-house.

We will be covering the basics of virtualization under zVM and the benefits of deploying Linux on the Big Server. With this information you will be able to deploy a fully functioning Linux server in a relatively short period of time and with minimal effort. You will learn how to choose and then implement a good starting application, how to identify items that may determine if Linux is right for your company, and how to know who needs to be involved to make the implementation successful.

Photo of Joe Oak

Joe Oak is a Software Architect working for State Auto Insurance, based in Columbus, Ohio. Joe has 30 years of experience in developing software solutions and providing national & international support for large and small corporations. His technical background allows for development and integration of new and legacy technologies, covering workstations to the zSeries complex. He is currently investigating the integration of Linux and Open Source software into State Auto’s enterprise. When not at the keyboard, Joe can be found scuba diving or tending his llamas and alpacas.

Email: oakj@columbus.rr.com