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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Hermod Opstvedt


Building Componentized Web Interfaces with Clay Instead of Tiles

Clear separation of roles with respect to building web interfaces has long been a void in the J2EE world. Now you have a tool at your hands that may actually deliver this. Clay is a part of Shale, which grew out of the Struts community. If you have been using Struts and Tiles to build componentized web interfaces, and now you are ready to take the next leap, this session will go through how to build web interfaces using straight forward HTML from your GUI designer by augmenting it with some properties. We also go through how you create reusable Clay HTML fragments and components. After this session you should be able to start off implementing web interfaces with Shale and Clay.

Using Maven2 to Get Control over Your Development Process

One of the more painful issues in a development project is having a uniform development environment, not to mention talking about the process of bringing a new developer into an existing project. In this session we go through how Maven2 was used in a real live project to get control over using Maven2 and Maven2’s archetypes. We go through how to create an archetype, and also how to create some simple Maven2 plugins. After this session you should have a good understanding of how Maven2 and its archetypes can benefit your project.

Photo of Hermod Opstvedt

Hermod Opstvedt is the Chief Architect for the e-Program of DnB NOR, the largest bank in Norway. He has been working with components and OO architectures for more than 20 years. He is responsible for the architecture behind the bank's e-business initiative, with particular responsibility for architecting the integration of the various systems throughout the bank and developing an J2EE-based framework for the new banking systems. He also has a role as a mentor for the developers in the bank with regards to issues surrounding J2EE. He also developes and runs several sites for the Norwegian Sailing Federation in his spare time, besides being an active contributor to various open source projects.

Email: hermod.opstvedt@dnbnor.no