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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Bruce Snyder


Event Driven Architecture with POJOs and Apache ActiveMQ

Event driven architecture (EDA) is an approach to software architecture using events to trigger asynchronous messages between decoupled software services. EDA has been around for at least 10 years now, most commonly through the use of high priced Message Oriented Middleware (MOM). Within recent years, EDA has become more commonplace thanks to the use of message driven beans (MDBs). But MDBs necessitate the use of an EJB container which is quite heavy and the EJB APIs which are very static. As an alternative, message driven POJOs (MDPs) have emerged and uing MDPs with the Apache ActiveMQ messaging platform is a killer combination!

This session will provide an overview of ActiveMQ and will demonstrate the creation of MDPs through the use of Lingo and Jencks to keep code simple but extremely powerful.

Service Oriented Architecture with JBI and Apache ServiceMix

Service oriented architecture (SOA) is a style of software design using a collection of loosely coupled services that use technology independent interface definitions and are typically message centric. In addition to the concepts behind SOA, the Java Business Integration (JBI) spec facilitates SOA by providing an open standard for business integration. JBI defines a pluggable architecture and a set of standard interfaces for constructing integration capabilities paving the way for best of breed solutions. The first implementation of JBI is ServiceMix, an open source enterprise service bus (ESB) based on JBI.

This session will provide an understanding of JBI and ServiceMix and how these technologies can be used to build a composite application using a standard process defined in BPEL, and executed by a JBI-compliant orchestration engine.

Photo of Bruce Snyder

Bruce Snyder is a 10-year veteran of enterprise software development and a recognized leader in open source software. Bruce has experience in a wide range of technologies including Java EE, Service Oriented Architecture and Enterprise Service Buses. In addition to his role as a Senior Architect for LogicBlaze, Bruce is also a founding member of Apache Geronimo, a lead developer for Castor and a developer for ServiceMix.

Bruce also serves as a member of the JCP expert group for JSR-221 (JDBC 4.0), JSR-243 (Java Data Objects 2.0) and JSR-291 (Dynamic Component Support for Java). In addition, Bruce is also currently co-authoring Professional Apache Geronimo for Wrox Press and is a speaker at industry conferences including TheServerSide Java Symposium, Java in Action, JavaOne, ApacheCon, JAOO, SOA Web Services Edge and No Fluff Just Stuff.

Email: bruce.snyder@gmail.com