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Agenda Sorted by Speaker Name

This agenda lists the majority of the speakers and topics for Colorado Software Summit 2007. Please check back here from time to time for additions and/or changes to the agenda, or subscribe to the RSS (Atom) feed on our Home page.

To see a biography of the speaker and a description of the topic(s), click on the speaker's name.

Speaker Name Topic Title
Dion Almaer
Introduction to Google Gears
Rajith Attapattu
Red Hat, Inc.
Building Scalable Enterprise Messaging Systems Using AMQP
REST in Peace
Bryan Basham
StillSecure, Inc.
Case Study: UI Design and Development
Extending JSF to Build a Product-specific UI Framework
Noel Bergman
DevTech, Inc.
Interoperable Web Services: A Primer
WS-*? Just give it a REST!
Thomas Cameron
Red Hat, Inc.
Securing Your Linux Server
Clustering with Linux
Doug Clarke
Oracle Corporation
Eclipse Persistence Services: The Full Monty
Eclipse JPA: Getting Chocolate in the Peanut Butter
Scott Davis
Davisworld Consulting
Introduction to Grails
Atom: From Blogging to Data
Bill Dudney
Comparing Spring & Guice
Continuous Integration: Building Your Application All the Time
Denise Hatzidakis
Perficient, Inc.
Security 101: Security Core Concepts... Where Do You Start?
Web Services Security: “How does it really work…”
Gregor Hohpe
Mashing Up with Google Mashup Editor and Yahoo! Pipes
Programming without a Call Stack: Event-driven Architectures
Nikita Ivanov
GridGain Systems
Grid Computing with AOP – Fun, Simple and Productive
Open Source Grid Computing – Java Roundup
Deepal Jayasinghe
WSO2 Inc.
Quickstart Axis2/Java: From Newbie to SOAP Guru
Real World Axis2/Java: Highlighting Performance and Scalability
Mike Keith
Oracle Corporation
EJB 3.0 Puzzlers
JPA Portability: What You Should Know When Writing Portable JPA Applications
David Moskowitz
Productivity Solutions, Inc.
The Zen or Tao of SOA and SaaS
Amdahl's Law: The New Rules of Concurrency
What Is ITIL? Why Should I Care? (An ad hoc "Birds of a Feather" presentation)
Gary Murphy
Hilbert Computing, Inc.
JavaServer Faces
I Got My Mojo Workin'
Hermod Opstvedt
DnB NOR, Norway
JSR 170 Content Repositories
XAP – eXtensible Ajax Platform
Simon Phipps
Chief Open Source Officer
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Keynote: "A Straw Model for the Future of Open Source"
Dan Pritchett
eBay, Inc.
You Scaled Your What?
Architecting for Latency
The eBay Architecture
Matt Raible
Raible Designs
Apache Roller, Acegi Security and Single Sign-on
Choosing a JVM Web Framework
Chris Richardson
Chris Richardson Consulting, Inc.
Improving Your Code with POJOs, Dependency Injection, AOP, and O/R Mapping
Improving Your Application's Design by Using Real Objects
Simon Roberts
Dancing Cloud Services
Management, Monitoring, and Performance with Java 5+
Management, Monitoring, and Deployment of Tomcat and JBoss
Eric Schreiner
Contecon Software GmbH
Groovy – A Language Introduction for Java Programmers
Groovy – Getting the Power Out of Groovy
Bruce Snyder
IONA Technologies
Building a Reliable Messaging Infrastructure with Apache ActiveMQ
Building a Service Oriented Architecture with the Apache ServiceMix ESB
John Soyring
Vice President, Solutions and Software
IBM Corporation
Keynote: Conference Opening Keynote Presentation
Doug Tidwell
IBM Corporation
XSLT 2.0: More Power, Less Hassle
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Data Model
Paul Tremblett
Harmonia, Inc.
Developing an Eclipse Plugin
An Introduction to XQuery