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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Dion Almaer


Introduction to Google Gears

Web users continue to be delighted by Ajax applications, such as those offered by Google. A common source of feedback, however, is that these applications could be even cooler if they were accessible offline. To address that problem, Google created Gears, an open-source browser extension that provides APIs that allow Ajax applications go offline. This session presents Google Gears, describes its goals and APIs, and quickly moves into a tour and demonstration of a working Gears application, written using the Google Web Toolkit.

Photo of Dion Almaer

Dion Almaer is the co-founder of Ajaxian.com, the leading Ajax community, and "Audible Ajax" the popular podcast. He works in the Google Developer Programs group where he spends his time in the land of code.google.com and podcasting via the "Google Developer Podcast". He enjoys writing, having co-authored "Pragmatic Ajax: A Web 2.0 Primer", and speaking at events around the world.

Blog: http://almaer.com/blog/