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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Noel Bergman

DevTech, Inc.

Interoperable Web Services: A Primer

The Web Services specification arena has exploded. Some specifications are W3C, some are OASIS. Some are real, some are important, some are vendor hype, many are incompatible. No wonder people tend to refer to WS-* as WS-Deathstar!

Which one(s) do you really need to know and use? How can your Web services interoperate? In this session, we will explore those issues, with attention paid to development of interoperable Web services for .NET and Java. Perhaps even a surprise language or two.

WS-*? Just give it a REST!

This session will explore REST and RESTful web services. Such Web services are designed according to Web rules, and are rather different from the typical WS-* Web services that most people are more familiar with. In this session, we will focus on explaining REST, and illustrating the concepts and benefits of RESTful Web services, with examples. We won't be smoking anything, but perhaps we'll turn a few people into RESTafarians.

Photo of Noel Bergman

Noel Bergman is one of Colorado Software Summit's All-Timers, having participated in all of the Colorado Software Summit conferences (and their predecessors, the ColoradOS/2 conferences), and has consistently received high marks as a favored speaker. Noel's background in leading edge technology spans over 25 years, and he enjoys sharing the knowledge and experience acquired over those years with Software Summit attendees, both in and out of the formal sessions.

Noel is a Member of the Apache Software Foundation, where he is Vice President of the Apache Incubator, a member of the Infrastructure Team, and an active participant in various projects.

Noel's presentations for CSS 2007 are intended to introduce new skills in emerging technologies that will improve productivity and marketability, with a goal to enable attendees to immediately benefit from such technologies in their own projects.

Email: noel@devtech.com