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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Deepal Jayasinghe

WSO2 Inc.

Quickstart Axis2/Java: From Newbie to SOAP Guru

Apache Axis2 is a simple and flexible toolkit that scales from doing simple XML/HTTP, all the way to reliable and secure Web Services. At the same time, it offers the developer a simple path to expertise. Starting out with deploying simple POJOs and creating POJO clients to existing services, it can expand to support third-party databinding frameworks, and XML coding. Axis2 has a flexible and extensible architecture and supports easy deployment, including hot deploy/redeploy. And it is screaming fast, running 3-6 times faster than Axis1.

In this tutorial, we will take you from deploying your first Axis2 web service through to writing clients, using WSDL, and extending Axis2 with modules such as reliable messaging and security. The tutorial will cover issues such as which databinding toolkit is most suitable; designing for asynchrony; and performance considerations. This tutorial is designed for programmers who have some simple experience of SOAP and/or XML.

Real World Axis2/Java: Highlighting Performance and Scalability

After a complete redesign of the original Apache Axis project, it is now between 3 and 6 times faster, and has very wide support for asynchronous and document based web services. The architecture of Axis2 is highly flexible, and it supports many additional functionalities - such as reliable messaging and security - that are key for enterprises today.

In this talk I will give an overview and briefly discuss the architecture of Axis2 and how services can be implemented or invoked. Then I will look into some real-life examples and see how the architecture and technology scale to solve customer problems. And finally I will delve into the performance of Axis2 and the core XML framework (Axiom), showing how Web Services can scale to support high transaction rates and heavy loads.

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Deepal Jayasinghe is a Technical Lead at WSO2 Inc., the open source technology company creating middleware platforms for Web services and SOA. Deepal is an open source enthusiast and is an active contributor to several Apache Web services projects.

He is an Apache member, Web service PMC member and Apache commiter. Deepal is currently working on the architecture and development of Apache Axis2, while also contributing to Apache Synapse, Apache Axiom, Apache XmlSchema and Apache Sandesha.

Deepal is a frequent speaker in conferences such as ApacheCon and XML conference. He has more than four years of industrial experience in software design and development. His research interests are mainly in distributed computing, fault tolerance systems and Web service related technologies.

Blog: http://jadeepal.blogspot.com/