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Agenda Sorted by Speaker Name

This agenda lists speakers and topics for Colorado Software Summit 2008. We do not anticipate any additions and/or changes to this agenda, but you can subscribe to our Atom feed to receive notifications of updates automatically.

To see a biography of the speaker and a description of the topic(s), click on the speaker's name.

Speaker Name Topic Title
Subbu Allamaraju
Pragmatic REST
RESTful Web Applications — Facts vs Fiction
Anton Bar, Inc.
Open Web Operating System
Open Web File System
Bryan Basham
StillSecure, Inc.
Becoming a JavaScript Wizard
Mastering JavaServer Faces
Dan Bergh Johnsson
Omegapoint AB
The Power of Value — Domain Driven Design and Value Objects
Object Orientation, Domain Driven Design, and the Honour of the Programmers' Guild
Noel Bergman
DevTech, Inc.
Laptop Linux: Arrive Dependent on MS-Windows, Leave Living with Linux
Business Processes: Big Business' Secret Weapon Is Now Available to Everyone!
Thomas Cameron
Red Hat, Inc.
Automating Your Linux Infrastructure
SELinux for Mere Mortals (or, "Don't Turn It Off!")
Bill Dudney
Gala Factory Software LLC
Core Animation on the iPhone: How to Build Animated UI’s
Building Location Aware Apps on iPhone: Taking Advantage of the Location Aware Nature of iPhone
Filip Hanik
Zero Latency HTTP — Using Comet with Apache Tomcat
What the Bayeux? Understanding, Using and Developing with the Bayeux Protocol
Tom Harrington
Getting Started with iPhone Development
iPhone User Interface Design
Denise Hatzidakis
Perficient, Inc.
Put Your Feet Up and Take a RESTful Approach
From Zero to sMash
Jacob Kaplan-Moss
Whiskey Media
Build Better, Faster: An Introduction to Django
Presentation Notes
Building a Web Framework: Django's Design Decisions
Presentation Notes
Ikai Lan
Your Language Doesn't Scale: A Discussion of the Nature of Scaling
From 0 to 1,000,000 in 46 Days: Scaling a Facebook Application in Rails
Dustin Marx
Raytheon Company
Applying Flash to Java: Flex and OpenLaszlo
Java Management Extensions (JMX) Circa 2008
Dan Morrill
Android Development
Google App Engine
David Moskowitz
Productivity Solutions, Inc.
Service Validation, Incremental and Iterative Development – What's Really Behind Agile Development
It Ain't Done...
Hermod Opstvedt
Pimp My Webapp (with Google Web Toolkit)
Take Control with AspectJ
Simon Phipps
Chief Open Source Officer Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Keynote: The Adoption-Led Market: The Third Wave of Open Source?
Dan Pritchett
Rearden Commerce
Apache MINA, Efficient Java Network Services
Esper, Open Source Event Stream Processing
Yan Pujante
Building LinkedIn's Next Generation Architecture with OSGI
Security 2.0: How LinkedIn Changed Its Security Model in Order to Offer an API
Matt Raible
Building Rich Internet Applications with Appcelerator
What's Coming in Spring 3.0
Chris Richardson
Chris Richardson Consulting, Inc.
Improving Tests with Object Mothers and Internal DSLs (EE)
Developing and Deploying Java EE applications on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
Simon Roberts
Dancing Cloud Services
The Cost of New Technology
What OO Doesn't Address
Eric Schreiner
Contecon Software GmbH
Real World Groovy — How to Add Scripting Functionality to Your (Existing) Application
High Speed Searching with Lucene — A Practical Introduction to the Programming of Apache's Lucene Framework
Bruce Snyder
Organic Element
Service Oriented Integration with Apache ServiceMix
Taking Apache Camel for a Ride
John Soyring
Vice President, Solutions and Software, IBM Corporation
Keynote: Conference Opening Keynote Presentation
Doug Tidwell
IBM Corporation
Service Component Architecture: A Better Programming Model for SOAs
The All-Singing, All-Dancing Business Process
Jason van Zyl
Efficient Enterprise Builds with Apache Maven
Comprehensive Project Intelligence — Apache Maven, Nexus, and m2eclipse
Matthew Wakeling
FlyMine Group,
Department of Genetics,
University of Cambridge
Performance Engineering from Scratch
InterMine: An Open Source Data Warehousing Tool, Ready for Prime Time