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When You Reach for the Stars from Keystone, You Get a Two-Mile Head Start!

Conference Location and Lodging

Keystone Resort, situated in the heart of Colorado's spectacularly beautiful Rocky Mountains, will again in 2008 be the venue for Colorado Software Summit, the fifteenth annual occurrence of this renowned international programming conference.

At an average altitude of just under 10,000 feet (3,048 meters), Keystone is approximately two miles (just over three kilometers) closer to the stars than your unfortunate colleagues back home stuck at or nearer sea level. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks and evergreen forests, it is a truly beautiful location. The conference facilities are world class, and the conference center itself is surrounded by top quality lodging.

We urge you to reserve your accommodations at Keystone as soon as possible. A block of rooms close to the Conference Center and available at special conference rates is being held for Colorado Software Summit attendees, but only through August 2008.

If you book your room after August, you may be farther away than you would like from the Conference Center (but there are free shuttle buses to take you there). Although Keystone is reserving plenty of rooms for all of our attendees, Keystone will not hold those rooms beyond the end of August, and it is possible (although not likely) that you might not be able to reserve a room at Keystone at all if you try to book your room later than August.

Room Reservations at Keystone Resort

To make your room reservations, you will need to contact Keystone Resort directly. When you reserve your room at Keystone, be sure to give the reservations clerk our group code, which is CB1CCBA, and additionally say that you are with the Colorado Software Summit group. The phone numbers at Keystone for room reservations are:

800.258.0437 Toll-free from the U.S.A. & Canada
970.496.4242 International
970.496.4343 Fax

Having Packages Shipped to You While Attending the Conference?

If you need a physical address for your stay at Keystone, or should you need to have something shipped to you while you are attending this year's CSS, please use the following address:

Colorado Software Summit
Keystone Conference Services
633 Tennis Townhouse Road
Keystone, CO 80435

Additionally, should anyone need to contact you at the Conference Center while you are attending sessions, they can call the Conference Center concierge desk at 970.496.4285. The Concierge will take a message and post it for you to collect at your convenience.

Travel Reservations

You could save money and time if you let Keystone Resort make your travel reservations. Keystone is one of Colorado's premier ski resorts, and it is owned by Vail Associates, which also owns Vail, Beaver Creek and Breckenridge. Because these combined resorts book so many travelers each year, they can offer discounted travel fares not available elsewhere. Simply ask for travel information when booking your accommodations, and compare the air fares offered to your locally obtainable rates to see which is the better bargain. At the same time you make your room reservations, Keystone can also make arrangements for you for the shuttle from the Denver International Airport.

Summit County, Colorado

When you are not immersed in Colorado Software Summit activities, we hope you will enjoy the natural surroundings, friendly western culture and opportunities for things to do. Keystone Resort has information on hand and is available to help you plan excursions of all types.

A word about climate . . .

Colorado mountain weather is, at best, unpredictable. Temperatures can easily range from sunny and 60°F (16°C) to snow, all in one week — and often, all in one day! Because of Keystone's closeness to the sun, at almost two miles (or 3.2 kilometers) above sea level, it usually feels warmer during the day than the temperature would indicate. However, as soon as the sun sets, the temperature drops with it. The range between the daytime high temperature and the nighttime low temperature is typically about 30 degrees Fahrenheit, so a daytime 60°F (16°C) is likely to become a nighttime 30°F (-1°C). Best advice: bring comfortable, casual clothing that can be easily layered.

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photo of shops at Keystone Village

photo of snow around Keystone Resort

photo of condominums around Keystone Village