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Questions, Questions, Questions... and Great Answers

Daily Raffle, and Question and Answer (Q&A) Sessions

At 6:20 PM on Monday through Thursday, after the last tutorial has completed, everyone is invited to the daily raffle, followed immediately by the Q&A session.

We will begin with a drawing for a single item. This year, that item is an 8GB iPod Nano (red, of course), with one to be given away each evening (Monday through Thursday). You must be present to win, and everyone who is attending the conference is eligible to win, including our speakers. If you do win one of these daily raffle items, you will still be eligible to win any of the items in the special Thursday night raffle.

On Thursday evening, immediately after the daily raffle item has been awarded, we will raffle a number of items, including books. The main raffle prizes will be two free registrations for Colorado Software Summit 2009, and a Canon VIXIA HF10 Flash Memory High Definition Camcorder with 16 GB Internal Flash Memory and 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom, plus a Kingston 4GB SD/HC memory card.

At the conclusion of each of these raffles, we will immediately begin the Q&A session. For many people these Q&A sessions are among the best parts of the conference. They provide an opportunity for anyone to ask a question and then to draw on the collective experience and wisdom of the entire conference group for an answer. Often the answer can lead to a fair amount of discussion (and additional questions), and often the answer might be "I will get that answer and give it to you at tomorrow's Q&A session," but ultimately most questions elicit good answers.

The format of these Q&A sessions is intentionally "loose." This session belongs to and is largely controlled by the participants, and the moderator's only job is to keep things moving along and especially to attempt to get good answers to every question. There is no formal end time for this session, it ends when it becomes clear that there are no further questions for that evening.