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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Thomas Cameron

Red Hat, Inc.

Automating Your Linux Infrastructure

This track will cover various methods to automate the initial deployment of your Linux environment to ensure uniformity for security, ease of management, and application environment portability. Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux and/or Fedora Linux as an example, attendees will learn to automate the deployment of Linux on physical hardware, as a guest in a virtual environment, or as a member of the Amazon EC2 cloud computing environment. Upon completion of this track, attendees should have a solid plan for using automated processes to build, test, QA check and deploy applications in their Linux environments.

SELinux for Mere Mortals (or, "Don't Turn It Off!")

Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is an incredibly powerful tool for securing your Linux servers. Unfortunately, SELinux has historically had a reputation for being very difficult to configure, and most sysadmins simply turn it off. The incredible amount of work done by the SELinux community in recent years has made SELinux more sysadmin-friendly. Attendees of this track will learn the basics of SELinux including configuration, analyzing and correcting SELinux errors, and how to write basic policies to enable non-SELinux aware applications to work on SELinux protected systems.

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Thomas Cameron is an Enterprise Solutions Architect at Red Hat, Inc., and has been in the information technology industry since 1993. He has held certifications as a Novell Certified NetWare Engineer, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Trainer, and of course, a Red Hat Certified Engineer. He is the lead Solutions Architect for Red Hat for the central region of the United States.